Tyler Archibald




Tell me about yourself.

That's how you're going to start an interview? really? Well I'm from Colorado and I'm trying to get a job now. I'm pretty passionate about humanitarian work in Honduras.

Do you think it’s weird you’re interviewing yourself?

Sort of, I mean, I wipe your butt every single day and I wash your body in the shower. You make out with my wife and I spoon-feed you. It’s definitely weird but it's the only way I can ensure I get asked exactly what I want to be asked.

So you're married. How did that happen?

Well, you'd have to ask her.  I gotta say, I'm not a fan of the tone of that question.

Q: Tell me about your wife.

Whats with the "Q" all of a sudden? She's a really talented interior designer. I helped her launch a design business after she graduated. Check it out: FerArchibald.com

Do you think it's going well?

I don’t even think it’s going that well despite the fact that I’m you. What do you think? Dude, these questions are dull, dull, dull.

What's with the mustache?

I don't know. I had no other choice.